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COLOR:                             CUTS&MORE

 (all services include haircut& Quick Style)                                 Wet/Dry Haircut- $25                    Express roots-$55                                                     Add Wash/Quick style- $35

      (No cut or blow, just wash & GO!)                               Add Kay’s Blow Bar -$45


           Single Process Color- $94                                                      kids Haircuts- $10

                                                                                                               Teen Haircuts- $20

            Double Process Color- $130                                            Men’s Haircuts- $14


                 Partial Foil- $95                                                      WAX

                     (10 Foils or Less)                                                             Brow waxing$7

            ADD YOUR ROOTS- $110                                                       Lip Waxing $7

                                                                                                                Chin Waxing $5

                      Partial Plus- $110                                                      Full Face Waxing $20

           (everything but the bottom)                                          Basic Bikini Waxing $40

              ADD YOUR ROOTS- $125                                     Brazilian Bikini Waxing $50

                                                                                                                     Leg Waxing $50

                       Full head Foils-$128                                              Underarm Waxing $25

                  ADD YOUR ROOTS- $140                                         Men Back Waxing $40


                         Ombre’- $130  

            (top darken, Bottom lightened)

                         Sombre’ - $130

(softer version of ombre’, added highlights)


                (free handed highlights)

                 Partial Highlights- $120

           Full head with lighten bottom-$130





Add to your Hair experience:

Olaplex- $25

(1/8oz or under)

What is Olaplex?

Olpaplex reconnect broken disulfide bonds in hair. This treatment will prevent damage to hair during/after any hair color service. It will then begin to repair strength in hair. This is highly recommended for all clients.

Deep condition mask-$8

Long hair up-charge - $10-15

(Anything past your shoulder, your stylist will Inform you of this prior to service!)


Blow Bar- $20

(added on to any hair color service)


Color- $20

(color added underneath highlights)


Stand alone Olaplex Treatment- $65

(includes Blow dry, Step 1,2 & take home 3)


        Kay’s Blow Bar     

                   Any blow out desired..

                  wash, massage, blow Dry $35




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